Dorset Condominium


Luxury living in the heart of Wilmington, Delaware. Just minutes from downtown with direct access to I-95.

Parks, hospitals, schools, shopping all within walking distance.

The Dorset offers a secure building with efficiencies, 1-3 bedroom condo-apartments, along with mail service and on-site management. The concierge level also offers professional office space catering to the residents as well as the public.

A unique blend of owners and investors provides an environment enjoyable for all, whether young or elderly, Want to problem, many investors have select units for you. Want to own problem, the Dorset's reputation for maintaining value is behind you.

Stop by to see for yourself why the Dorset is the premier upscale condominium in Wilmington.

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Dorset Condominium
Contact: Fabian Palmer
1301 N. Harrison St.
Dorset Condominium Office
Wilmington, Delaware 19806
Phone: 302-654-8551


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